Karbidstål til sliping av kniver prof

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Cleaning of sharpening steels in household and catering facilities:
Generally, the knives which have to be sharpened should be clean. The sharpening steels are magnetic so that small metal particles of the knife stick to the steel during the sharpening process. The steel should be cleaned after a few applications by using a cloth and a mild detergent. Then they should be wiped off and stored dry.
We do not recommend putting the steel in a dishwasher as the long cleaning process and the aggressive detergents may affect the surface. Corrosion may appear if the microporous surface of the steels comes into contact with steam and humidity for a longer time. Sharpening steels with wooden handles are specially affected by the detergents, high temperature and humidity in dishwashers.

Cleaning recommendation for sharpening stones or ceramic coated steels:
The micro-pores of the coating can be kept free from metal particles by using a mild detergent and a nylon brush.

Cleaning recommendation for knife sharpeners:
Knife sharpening systems have a visible or non visible gap at the bottom so that the metal particles of the knife can fall off. If the knife sharpener is very dirty you can clean it by using a nylon brush and a mild detergent.

Cleaning of sharpening steels in the industrial use:
We recommend cleaning and disinfection of the steels in a professional cleaning device, which heats up the steels to a sterilizing temperature of more than 85°C without using agressive detergents. Please do not use agressive detergents nor store the sharpening steels in liquids.
It is most important that the steels are wiped off carefully and stored dry in order to avoid corrosion.

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