NYHET!! Den innovative raspen!!!!

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The patented Boomerasp is a new, innovative shaped rasping tool, intended for making the underside of the hoof completely level after clipping.
Fast, reliable levelling of the surface as preparation of the hoof before nailing is obtained in 10-15 seconds of work with very moderate pressure on the tool. No additional finishing is needed.
The Boomerasp is also very suitable for obtaining slightly manipulated angles on the lateral/medial side, without jeopardizing the level surface.
The Boomerasp is symmetrical in design, and causes the farrier to work equally with both shoulders, helping to obtain more ergonomic working postures, and a more symmetrical finishing on the two sides of the horse. 





(6) (1 anmeldelse)

Svært godt fornøyd!

Enkel å håndtere og ved noen få rasp lager den en fin, fullstendig jevn underside på hoven. Et must i utstyrskassa mi!

(6) (1 anmeldelse)
, 10.10.2018

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