Tar bakterier og mugg. Thrush Stop BLUE

NYHET!! enklere å se hvor man legger geleen på Hoven. Når farge blir borte, så skal man legge på nytt :)

NOK190,00 inkl. mva.
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The new Thrush Stop Blue clearly shows you where the gel was applied. As the colour fades, you know it is time to repeat. Thrush Stop Blue reduces bacteria and fungi, without affecting healthy tissue. The long, narrow applicator tip helps you to accurately apply the gel to the sulcus, lateral grooves and small cracks.
Can also be used under horseshoes and pads.

DIRECTIONS: Clean the hoof thoroughly by removing debris and necrotic material prior to application. Apply once a day to affected area and continue as needed for best results. For prevention of infection; use once a week. Product may be used on the sole and frog prior to shoeing with pads and silicone.
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